September 13, 2007

Last Album of the Summer

These are the last pictures of my very first summer abroad. Most of them are from the cruise on the river Isis that we took as a last-minute “surprise”. Now, more than a month and a half later, it seems as if none of it actually happened. The physical memories- memories of sensations- have faded and the memories of emotion are what stick with me.

I can’t remember exactly what the wind felt like walking around the grounds of Blenheim, or how hot it was outside, but I can remember the feeling of pure awe at what I was seeing. Perhaps that is the most important thing, anyway. The fact that I discovered what it was inside of me that had led me to my major, my studies, my interests. Who knew that that was hiding in England this whole time, just waiting for me to come along and experience it and become enlightened and deepened and inspired. Cool!