Last Day in Oxford

August 3, 2007

So, I got out of my first exam this morning an hour and a half early and decided to run and try to sell some of my books back at Blackwell’s, the awesome 150-year-old bookstore on Broad Street. They only took back two of my books, for only 5L! I gave the rest to Oxfam on my way back to Univ. Then I stepped into the covered market to get a milkshake at Moomoo’s, this great smoothie place with over 200 combinations. I bought a banana-Dime bar-peanut butter milkshake and walked back to school to study for my second final.

The weather was perfect- surely one of the best days since we have been here. As I was walking I passed an elderly couple walking very slowly in the opposite direction, down the sidewalk towards St. Mary’s Cathedral.  They stopped and turned their faces up to see the very top of the huge steeple, and tilted their heads all the way back. They had huge smiles on their faces and you could tell they thought the whole sight was just beautiful. And then the old man reached for his wife’s hand, and she took it without looking and they stood there looking at the beautiful and ancient church against the bright blue sky.


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