Why Monarchy is a Good Thing

July 24, 2007

Why Monarchy is Good Thing, according to my Oxford tutor Leslie Mitchell, a Royalist and Tory and a historical genius.

1) Tradition and constancy. A monarchy represents something that has been around for 1,000 years. A republic can never have that, as any head-of-state it has will be relatively new. A monarchy is also imminent, meaning it has weathered storms and endured through even the biggest crises. For example, the threat of that “little man with a strange mustache” (Hitler) is actually very small compared to the historical weight and constancy of the English monarchy.

2) The monarchy doesn’t cost very much. Her Majesty the Queen is only the 50th richest person in the United Kingdom, and costs the taxpayer only 57p a year. The Prime Minister costs the taxpayer far more. Though the royal family’s wealth originally came from the fact that they owned and taxed all the land in England, now the “civil list” is voted on in Parliament every year. This list basically agrees that the nation will support the Queen, her husband Prince Philip, and (while she was alive) the Queen Mother. Prince Charles is supported by the proceeds of agricultural rents in the duchy of Cornwall (Wales), as per his position as the Prince of Wales. And, the monarchy actually brings in money because they are such a huge tourist attraction.

3) The Queen can never be corrupted, because she is too rich to be bribed or bullied. She has around 500 million pounds of personal wealth. So while a Prime Minister or elected official can be corrupt, at least the head-of-state can’t be.

4) The monarchy is the basis of the Commonwealth. There are 83 countries currently in the British Commonwealth, and the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth. Every four years, all 83 countries send representatives to a meeting to have an intellectual exchange. The Queen, of course, is a very experienced politician, having been in power for about 60 years. It is very useful to have a forum for international discussion, and so the Commonwealth is a positive thing.

5) Monarchy is one of the only uniting factors in the United Kingdom. Few things actually unite Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales, and the monarchy is one of them. Unity is a good thing.

One of the main objections to the monarchy is that it is the very pinnacle of a class system. If one is uncomfortable with the idea of a class system, especially a blatant class system with things such as titles and peerages, one is uncomfortable with the monarchy. Silly Americans, says Leslie Mitchell.


43 Responses to “Why Monarchy is a Good Thing”

  1. Kato said

    well written ;)

    • Nefarious said

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  2. Quandry said

    Well said!, of course its a good thing! look at the German Monarchy, if the stupid Weimar Republic hadnt reered its ugly head! then Hitler would of never come to power!, the monarchy prevents crisis’s and it gives our countrys a face.

    Down with the stupid, idiotic and bone-idle Republicans!, up with Monarchism!.

    • Annonimous 99 said

      Read a fucking history book before you comment on shit you dont know!!!!

  3. Mary-Kate said

    The only issue is that ultimate power corrupts, and while the British Queen is a constitutional monarch, the essence of monarchy suggests that the queen or king have absolute power, or the final say etc…However, I do believe regardless that if the crown is dedicated to upholding goodness and truth it would be the best form of government and fits the natural hierarchy that occurs in society. It is becoming increasingly more difficult,though, with the extent of multi-culturalism present in most societies today.

    • m taylor said

      You silly silly person
      We are all born equal

      • Pete said

        Born equal? What a load of crap, there are thousands upon thousands of ways in which we are NOT born equal.
        Tell an Afghanistan refugee that she is born equal to, well, anyone commenting on this, it’ll be the best laugh she’s had all year.

  4. Fabio ... said


  5. Cliffe said

    There is also the notion or rationale that the more enlightened forms of monarchy act as spiritual reservoir for a people’s own sense of inspiration and natural instincts toward human goodness, decency, altruism and “nobility” if you will. There is a positive, creative feedback loop between monarch and loyal subjects, partly sustained by the rituals that grow up around it. A sense of gallantry and idealism — somewhat foreign to the more rationalist/reductionist outlook of democracies and republics — can obtain in genuine examples of monarch-as-ultimate-servant as opposed to tyrant. In the case of Queen Elizabeth II, the principle happens to be associated with liberal Christian ideals, modestly symbolized by her finger pointing to her heart in formal portraits. Even those who are not nominally Christian can feel touched by that.

  6. Bralexe said

    Thank you so much for this work welll done :)

  7. derek said

    This is a bunch of bullshit. you know what the best is? its fuckin america. now that is a country that kicks ass

    • AnonymousArizonan said

      Then how come most of us Americans don’t agree with you? You clearly live under a rock.

      • Annonimous 99 said

        Dont speak for all of us prick!
        i’m american, fuck monarchy!
        I’m not even gonna waste my time
        explaining such complacent ignorance.

  8. ella said

    This was helpful on my report for my english class.:)

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  11. HM Monarch Bollock said

    Wow what a bunch of royalist fuckers you are! The spirit of the United Kingdom is not predicated upon the aristocratic function of our society. Monarchy is only a good thing if you sincerely believe in the domination and stratification of society. Monarchy is a dominamt minority group interwoven into the fabric of British society, this will never change because our legal system is soiled in the decadent language of royalism. It is not noble to acquiesce to a pervasive institution with unlimited monetary resources, such as the royal family. You speak of God, but there is nothing majestic or divine with any kind of dominion or suppression, even when clouded in nationalism, eurocentrism and white supremacy. There is nothing graceful or ‘most excellent’ about the falsehood you allege. Regards from your Most Gracious Majesty: Monarch Bollock. xxxxx

    • AnonymousArizonan said

      And, note how people like this idiot here lack any valid points in their responses. This blog entry makes no mention of spiritual or racial matters at all, you are demonizing Monarchists and proclaiming us you’re enemy, but you have no validly unselfish reason to do so when the only thing genuine you complained about is that you’re not in the upper classes yourself.
      Boohoo. So, you’re not royalty. Neither is 99.99% of the planet. STFU. You don’t get to butcher people for having something you don’t. With as much anger as you spewed… You no doubt would literally butcher royals if you could. You come off more as a criminal and an envious spoiled brat than someone with a legitimate bone to pick.

      • Annonimous 99 said

        You sir, would take a 19 inch dildo in your fucking ass
        from these royalist wouldn’t you Arizona??!!

        Fuck this master/bitch ideology you have, i hope you dont have kids. otherwise they will grow up fucking dumbshits who dont understand how this world runs on blood.

        fucking puppet bitch!

    • Common sence said

      Ok so a system where if 1 person receives 51% of public support and another receives 49% the person with 51% receives supreme power just leaving half the nation unrepresented and under domination is a fair system, especially where such a decision is decided by a creep like Murdoch. where people are only caring about the next election so only short term development goals are really implemented rather than what would actually be best for a nation.
      Don’t think a “democratic republic” is a massively better system. ….

  12. AnonymousArizonan said

    “The only issue is that ultimate power corrupts…”
    That is a Democratic fairy tale with no basis in Monarchy. In reality, corrupt persons are so before they obtain power, and they obtain the power by corrupt means (lie, cheat, steal), for corrupt reasons. The reality is that that fairytale, that fear that defines a Democrat, is self-actualized by their own choice in government allowing such persons to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. Democracy is perfect for corruption. You even get to blame you’re coming into power on the people themselves rendering them too guilty to punish you.
    Oh, and Republicanism isn’t much better than Democracy, it’s also a government designed to benefit the corrupt.

    • Annonimous 99 said

      Is system is flawed? YES! Monarchy will fix everything?!!
      Somehow you think a kings and queens cant be corrupt?

      Your the one living in a fairy tale my enemy.

      How am i supposed to respond to such a moronic argument…

      The queen has always been given what she wants, just like a spoiled little rich girl. She hasn’t worked for anything her whole life… she has no character development. and im supposed to trust a person like that to lead a fucking nation!! Are you smoking crack Arizona?

      • Capital Monarchist said

        Oh my. My friend arizona was not saying that monarchs can’t be corrupt, he was only stating that a corrupt leader, whether a monarch or not, has been corrupt all his life, and that the power brought it out of him. All forms of government can be corrupted, the question is which government best handles this possibility while looking out for the people.

      • Dean said

        The idea of giving the Queen/the King the best possible conditions of living in this planet (education, ethics, wealth in general…) is exactly the one you mentioned: to form a super character, a person who does not have to do anything with the political world full of morbid interests and brutal strife, out of which, sometimes, the rascals could emerge. Here, we create the best quality, fantastic character that the ”normal” world you and me live in can not yeald.

  13. nassim said


  14. pa said

    i love miracle

  15. Kas said

    Long live the Britsh Royal Family! Your points are interesting however they are debatable and are sometimes outright wrong. The Queen isNOT a uniting factor in Nothern Ireland. In fact affiliation to the British crown is a reason for violence there. The Republic of Ireland has little to do with the Monarchy but the overall population were warm to the Queens visit. Hardly a “uniting factor” as you put it.
    Furthermore the incorruptibility of the Royals is a strange factor to list. History is full of bribed heads of state who had wealth beforehand. You’ve given an assumption there, not a fact. But the Royal family are precious regardless and I’m happy to say God save the Queen!

  16. johnathen55 said

    I am in political science and would like to have someones opinion,,,, “3 reasons why the monarchy in great britain is or is not an anachronism”, I have a few reasons but would like some more input thanks

  17. johnathen55 said

    I am in political science and would like to have someones opinion,,,, “3 reasons why the monarchy in great britain is or is not an anachronism”, I have a few reasons but would like some more input thanks

    • Dean said

      Because monarchy is above politics, it can transcend its limitations and the tyranny of political world. E.g. England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are united under the Crown, although many political boundaries and huge geographic distance are between them. My nation (Serbs) is forcefully (due to the interests of the powerful world players) devided into two different countries (Srpska and Serbia) and both are, unfortunatelly, republics with different presidents rotating on the top with each new presidental election. If we were monarchies with one and the same king/queen (generally less bribalble then always corrupt politicians) on the top of each country, the things would be much different to us and, as a nation, in spite od political borders that others drew for us, we would stand stable and unified as one nation with one and the same crown on the top, forced to live in two countries.

    • Dean said

      Anachronism implies something that belongs to the past and as such, looks awkward and is not functining well in the modern world. That is definitely not the case with British Monarchy today. So, it is not anachronic.

  18. freak said

    :P :) :D :L :O :3 wtf?

  19. Monarchies rock! And not the emulated Commonwealth ones… I’d rather have a king that knew the difference between right and wrong, than some stupid with a flare gun politician who’s heart is in their back pocket. And a monarchy has its own built-in negative feedback loop, when a monarch is misbehaving, a sane person goes non-linear and slays him. A monarchy is like the thermostat in your room, turning on the heat when it’s cold and the air conditioner when it’s warm. A democracy/republic is like a thermostat which turns on the air conditoner in the winter when it’s 0 degrees centigrade out and puts on the heat in the summer when you’re sweating like crazy.

  20. Horapollo said

    The English monarchy is entirely nominal. Great Britain is a democratic-socialist State. Monarchies aren’t just States with a hereditary figurehead – they’re *private governments*. There hasn’t been a real monarchy in England for at least a century.

    Monarchical states are the best ones, typically, but you need to look beyond the pseudo-monarchy of the former English Empire and toward places like Monaco, Leichtenstein and Dubai. And while monarchy is better than democracy, as these three examples illustrate, decentralization and small size is even more important. That giant British Empire was a drain, and one reason why England is turning into America’s bitch (and why America is equally going to garbage). Contra Rome, glory is not worth having. Empire is nothing more than prolonged cultural suicide.

  21. live life said

    you lot need to get life

  22. Daly said

    This is just ridicules and naive in the extreme. I understand if it was written by a child or an American but please tell me it wasn’t an adult

  23. pooja said

    nice,,, very educative

    • nelson said

      A monarchy is far better than any republic, king and queens are less corrupt because they dont have a reason to be corrupt, they grow up with certain values and moral ethics which ties to their people and their nation.

  24. Spam said

    MOnarchy in britain

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