A Weekend of Remembering

July 24, 2007

Knowing myself as I do, I knew it would be a huge mistake to pass up a chance to visit numerous war memorials and cemeteries. This is one) because I love graveyards, two) because I love history, and three) because I am endlessly fascinated with the First and Second World Wars. So this weekend was dead on as far as my interests go.

I won’t say much about the details of the trip, mostly because the pictures are rather self-explanatory. I did lots of detailed captions, so please read them. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience and one I wish could have been longer. With that said, it was a rough night trying to get 90 pages of reading done for 8:45am class after getting in at 1am from a 3 hour bus ride.

The Wednesday and Thursday in London were great, too. The best part by far was the National Gallery, home to more famous stuff than you can imagine. And (very importantly) home to the best gift shop I have ever been in. I got some pretty fantastic stuff. A couple friends and I also spent some time goofing off in Trafalgar Square, where the pigeons love people and the people love pigeons. So there are some great pictures of all of those things, as well.

Pictures (and captions!):

London (Wednesday and Thursday) and France/Belgium (Friday and Saturday)

France/Belgium (Sunday)

I took many more pictures but just don’t think that a huge online album is quite the best place to appreciate them. Thank God for my wonderful little camera, and for lifeguarding last summer, which, though sweaty and tiring work, earned me enough to buy it.

Oh, and I just picked up my pre-ordered British version of the latest Harry Potter. Adam, you still need to get the U.S. one, because this one doesn’t match!


2 Responses to “A Weekend of Remembering”

  1. Adam said

    we are online at the same time. hunter stopped blogging – the looking glass blog is supposed to be his, but he hasn’t updated it.

  2. Adam said

    oh and i read the british version of harry potter already!!! its quite good, a nice ending book. have fun reading it! tell lea to buy the US version, so the covers match

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