Street Art in Paris

July 18, 2007

Paris has lots of great graffiti and street “art”. These are some examples from my three days there. I thought it would be cool to put them all in the same place instead of leaving them scattered around my various online albums. From what I can tell, Paris makes little to no effort to clean up any kind of graffiti, especially in the bad areas of town. I actually like this because nothing I saw was obscene and if you know me you know I am strange and think that graffiti is actually really, really cool. So, enjoy!

1Graffiti on the railing of a freeway over a crowded (and raised) graveyard in Montmartre.


On a rotating billboard on the way to the Dali Museum :”Visual Pollution”.


Near the Two Windmills


Wandering our way back from the Museum. One wonders what this means.


Near the square with all the painters, pictured in the post below.


The sign above the Dali Museum…is nothing sacred anymore? Haha.


Two different pieces on a small side street in Montmartre.


Even trucks get decorated- it’s hard to tell what is graffiti and what was supposed to be there.


OK, now how did they get up there?


This mural/poem is on a building on Rue Descartes near the Pantheon. It’s a poem by Yves Bonnefoy and begins: “Passer-by, look at this big tree…”


A public park a block away from the Eiffel Tower, in a not so good part of town. Compare this to parks like Jardin de Tuilleries in the city center. Notice that even the goals of the soccer goal are graffiti-covered. Kind of beautiful, no?


Taken while speeding through a Metro station. I appreciate that the artist made sure to match the retro seats. I think this a political satire of the most recent presidential electee?


And finally, a shot inside just one of the many Metro tunnels that we rode in this weekend. Every tunnel is decorated from floor to ceiling in graffiti of all sorts. I imagine that some is many, many years old, since they make no attempt to clean it up. Most is in white paint for maximum visibility.


2 Responses to “Street Art in Paris”

  1. Kato said

    my blog sucks since I have barely any pictures posted :(:(:(:(:( man you are such an amazing photographer.

    i’m going to make an effort to start uploading pics to facebook all the time now and posting links.

    paris sounds really freaking amazing.

  2. Leanora said

    like you, i too appreciate graffiti
    urban art, especially when it’s inspired work & not just somebody’s scribbled name

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