Ahmed’s Kabob Stand

July 9, 2007

Ahmed is a Moroccan guy who parks his food truck right outside the Univ main gate every night around 8pm. There is usually another, younger guy with him- I think his son. He stays around until 3 or 4 in the morning. This seems a little silly, but everything here in Oxford closes around 7pm at the very, very latest unless it is a pub or club of some kind. Even the pubs close around 11pm.

Ahmed is really nice and serves good food. He must have over 100 menu choices. He serves all kinds of burgers, hot sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chips (french fries), kabobs, hummus, falafel, and chili cheese fries. Ahmed'sHe cooks everything on the grill in his van, and even makes his own chickpea hummus, which, he says, is way better than that silly garbanzo bean hummus some people try to pass off as authentic. He may or may not be referring to the one or two other kabob trucks that park further up High Street, but I wouldn’t know since we are all loyal to Ahmed and would never dream of consuming a kabob from anywhere else.

Around 3 in the morning you can hear all the drunks lining up to buy late night meals. Rumor has it that Ahmed owns several restaurants around Oxford but likes running the kabob stand the best. It seems like he has a lot of fun. Earlier this summer he kept asking Jamie, our Oxfordian PA, when the SMU kids would be arriving.

He likes me because I have an Arabic name, and gives me free chips when I order falafel, which is what I always get. Very cool. Even the SMU professors here are fond of Ahmed and say things like “He’s our man”.


3 Responses to “Ahmed’s Kabob Stand”

  1. Adam said

    having anything Arab about you gets you sooo many ins everywhere. wait till you come to Cairo. by the way, here in egypt your name is pronounced “Gamila.” very sexy.

  2. O'Shea said

    Fun story, Gamila. And finally a picture! By the way, a better title for your blog is needed -and what’s with the thousand miles -hmmm -let’s get out a ruler and map and figure that out. I Like the new print in this last one -much easier to read. How about a photo of something from campus or the town of Oxford for a background photo?

  3. Kato said

    actually, its so cool that you have a profile picture, that way when you make comments on my blog, it shows your picture. “gamila!” (which by the way means beautiful in arabic in case you didn’t know ;))

    so make more comments. btw you ned to come to cairo sooon

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